No matter the behavior, we are here to help.



We offer a variety of training options to help meet your needs but it all starts with a 2 hour consultation so we can get to know you & your dog. Initial consultations are $225.

Structured Walks

Structured walks can be added on once you have had an initial consultation as part of a training plan or even as a great way to start! We will take your dog out in your neighborhood and work on the basics of a structured walk, creating a follower state of mind for your dog. These are great for dogs displaying reactivity or aggression!

Pack Walks

Pack walks help socialize your dog in a group setting while they enjoy spending their walk in a follower state of mind.

Adventure Retreats

Weekend Adventure Retreats are here! Limited Availability Spring – Late Summer

What to expect: You’ll drop off your dog Friday afternoon/evening at Emily’s country home & they will spend the weekend with Emily & Rachel. We will tailor each dog’s daily schedule to their individual needs, focusing on our core values:

👉🏼loose leash, follower-state of mind(pack drive) structured walks. This helps all behaviors but most importantly leash reactivity / aggression.
👉🏼Place work. Great for impulse control, anxiety, possession/guarding behaviors, separation anxiety, reactivity… so much!
👉🏼Crate Training. Our goal is to make the crate equal a calm, safe place. So many benefits here as well.

Each dog will have any additional issues worked on as needed – including:
confidence, dog/dog social experiences, pack walks, treadmill training, structured play, reactivity & introduction to muzzle training.

We follow the Follow – Play – Explore – Rest model so each dog will get fulfilled every day. Having them in a follower state of mind, then introducing play, then allowing them to explore, followed by some time to rest & truly take everything in that they have been learning.

You’ll be able to follow along on our stories to see your dogs enjoying themselves throughout the weekend & we will have a one hour session to go over what your pup learned / what we worked on, when you pick them up so you can continue the work!

Email for more info or to schedule a call to touch base on your dog’s needs to match them up with an available weekend & get them scheduled!

Reactive &/or Aggressive dogs are welcomed with open arms. We are scheduling dogs with compatible energies to make everyone’s retreat the best it can be for each dog. ✌🏼

Located just north of Princeton on a serene 6 acres in the woods.


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